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A handmade life…

This site is focused on life off the grid, in a┬ásolar powered cabin in the woods. Starting as a homeschool “senior project” I broke ground in Oct. 2007 and have been adding and improving ever since. It has grown from a frame, walls and a roof into a year round home. Inspired by friends, local craftsmen, and the books of Lloyd Kahn (http://lloydkahn-ongoing.blogspot.com/), the cabin has grown from the ground up with help from many hands and is more than half made of reclaimed / recycled materials (from the dump!). My hope is to inspire other young people to build their own homes too, as a means of survival and learning useful skills, but also to discover how much (or how little) a person really needs to live. I cook and heat with wood, carry water from a well nearby, and have just finished a clay and brick pizza/bake oven right outside front front door.